• Yuurei Kesunde Tsukiatte Kudasai

    Yuurei Kesunde Tsukiatte Kudasai

    “There’s no way ghosts exist, right?” So says Makise, a physics graduate student who in reality, has the innate superability to sense the supernatural. That’s when the handsome Toono, who seemingly unknowingly has the ability to erase ghosts, joins the same research lab. Taking advantage of Toono’s ability to exorcise ghosts, Makise sticks with him and spends his days in peace, when one day Toono comes to his house and pushes him downーー... A horror BL with a junior that can erase ghosts x a senpai that’s popular with ghosts!

    Genre(s): Ghosts, Romance, Comedy, Supernatural

    Updated Time: Jun 03, 2023

  • Fast and Loose With a Devilish Little Model

    Fast and Loose With a Devilish Little Model

    “Your face and your cock are just my type.” Though he’s a great-looking guy, university student Daiki has trouble talking to women because he was raised in a family full of brothers. Then, he receives a job as a handyman to clean the home of the highly popular model, Kazuma! Far from the usual shining prince he impresses upon people, Kazuma is a full-fledged slut with a sharp tongue to match, and he sets his sights on Daiki. Devilishly sexy, he bribes Daiki with sex to keep his mouth shut! Daiki can’t keep his eyes from Kazuma, who shows his true colors only to him like a coy kitty cat, nor can he leave that easily turned-on and erotic body…

    Genre(s): Romance, Comedy, School Life

    Updated Time: Jun 08, 6000