Compilation of short stories:

    • Subarashii Shitsuren (Marevelous Heartbreak)
    Salaryman Naitou’s love life and work life are both going downhill. He sleeps with woman after woman, but none of them really does it for him. On top of that, he has a major crush on his boss, who only chides him for coming in late after his wild nights of unsatisfying sex and generally treats him as an errand boy. Then, one evening, a stranger accosts him at his apartment door.

    • Ore no Shachou Boku no Hisho

    • Kairaku no Chi

    • Kou Mono (The Supplicant)
    A husband and brother deal with the fallout of a life cut short.

    • Ichiban no Ai (The Greatest Love)
    Former Section Chief Masaki considers it an honor to do his best in his temporary assignment as secretary to President Shirasaki. The problem is that Masaki has fallen in love with the company president, and he has no hope of that love ever being returned, as the President clearly worships his wife. Resigning himself to an unrequited love, Masaki contents himself with anonymous assignations at the local gay porn theater. Until one day when the President discovers Masaki's sexual preference and his pastime.
    - From The Moon in a Box

    • Koi no Katachi

    Genre(s): Drama, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Oct 30, 2019



    Collection of Nishida Higashi's debut oneshots

    Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Oct 25, 2016



    Three stories featuring an element of voyeurism - one man observing the object of his affection.
    1. Mitsumete Itai (I'll Be Watching You): Chief Yamaguchi, a middle-aged married company manager, meets up with carefree motormouth Abe Kazuki once a month for dinner and sex. But each man secretly longs for greater intimacy. Over time they do become close, but the Chief's transfer to America and family problems threaten to ruin their fragile affair.
    2. Ore ga Iru Kara (Because I'll Be There):
    High school student Yagi is caught making out with a girl by Karino, senior member of the rugby club. As the school bad boy, this is no big deal for Yagi - especially since he and Karino weren't friends in the first place. But when the tables are turned a week later, Yagi must summon the courage to be a hero.
    3. Yume no Hate (The End of a Dream):
    John, a jaded male escort, has dreams of being with Chris, his aloof agent. How can a client's run-of-the-mill filming request drive these two professionals apart?

    Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Oct 26, 2016



    A collection of three stories:
    1. Seishun no Yamai wa - ch 1-4
    2. Tengoku ga Mieru - ch 5-6
    Sequel to Negai Kanae Tamae (Grant My Wish). Former bodyguard Kudo is harassed by a nosy thief while on a trip to Europe.
    3. Good Night - ch 7

    Genre(s): Drama, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Mar 17, 2020



    Pediatric surgeon Nakamichi grapples with grief when his older lover, hospital director Tsutsumi, is critically ill following a stroke. His problems are compounded when the younger Tsutsumi, the director's son, begins working with him as a new intern. Tsutsumi junior dislikes Nakamichi on sight, and he soon reveals why: he knows all about his father's illicit affair with Nakamichi.

    Genre(s): Drama, Shounen Ai, Slice Of Life, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Apr 11, 2020



    From Half-Baked Scanlations:

    1) Koi wo Shimashou (Let's make Love)
    Management consultant Kobayashi uses his work to pick up younger men who catch his eye. Unfortunately, on his latest project he finds himself stuck with morose middle-aged manager Chief Araki. Kobayashi's initial horror develops into a professional respect that inspires him to use his easygoing charm to strike up an unlikely friendship.

    2) Koi wo Kanjite

    3) Dirt
    Caught up in a bank robbery, middle-aged branch manager Nishio is engaged in a battle of wills with lead robber Kazuya: a laidback macho thug who knows his personal details and has a weakness for older men.

    4) Ano Koro ni Modorenai

    5) Mune Ippai no (Wholehearted)
    Section Chief Shingo's stress at work is spilling over into his private life. A cheerful security guard enters his life, but even he finds Shingo's violent mood swings too much to handle.

    6 Tsurete Itte Kure

    7) Memorial Day

    8) Manga Lesson

    Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice Of Life, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Oct 28, 2016



    From The Moon in a Box:

    Section Chief Mizuguchi is a fussy man. His coworkers can't manage to hate him, but they can see why no one has wanted to marry him yet. However someone is interested in him, and this someone is writing him vaguely threatening notes of a sexual nature. Is it that mysterious security guard with the sharp eyes?

    Genre(s): Comedy, One Shot, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Oct 30, 2016



    Yumino is a straight arrow police detective, and Yuri is a shady lawyer. They met in high school, and once again at the funeral for Yumino’s wife, Ao. Yuri was in love with Yumino in high school, but what we don’t suspect is how tangled the ties are between them. Another satisfying story about grown-up men.

    Genre(s): One Shot, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Nov 01, 2016



    From Liquid Passion:

    Takahiro is the adopted son and secretary of an important Japanese politician. Already uneasy about his position in the eyes of his disapproving father, it doesn't help when Takahiro gets himself kidnapped by American gangsters. While his captors wait for the ransom demand to be met, Takahiro has to while away the days under the watchful eyes of his assigned guard, Jack. As the days turn into weeks, something like friendship develops between them. But will it lead to more...?

    Genre(s): Drama, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Nov 02, 2016



    Collection of short stories:

    1) Morotomo (With Thou)

    2) Jingi Nashi! (Without Honor!)
    Inept yakuza Sekiguchi loves getting arrested, for it's his best chance to get up close and personal with no-nonsense detective Murata. But when Murata warns him about the imminent closure of his gang, Sekiguchi faces an uncertain future. Can a guy who fantasizes about fondling the nipples of macho men in handcuffs ever go straight?

    3) Seinaru Otoko (The Holy Man)
    Pastor Andy, a missionary on a remote island, finds the brawny Taka washed up on the beach. Taka is the exact opposite of him in every way: a tough, brutish lout engaged in drug trafficking. Despite the danger, Andy offers Taka shelter and assistance - but his acts of Christian kindness conceal a dark obsession of his own.

    Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Mar 13, 2020



    Having lost his beloved wife and child in an accident, Michel, a doctor, discovers his life’s aspiration. One day in the gay district, he loses his way, and he spots a boy he knows. That boy, Alex, is the son of the beautiful musician, Christoph Adler. He visits Chris’s dressing room to discuss Alex, where Michel witnesses someone who appears to be Chris flirting with a man…

    Genre(s): Drama, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Oct 23, 2019

  • Ace no Kyuujitsu

    Ace no Kyuujitsu

    After being dumped by his girlfriend, arrogant pro baseball player Hidaka ends up alone on a twenty-day cruise. Drinking too much, getting into fights and trying to pick up girls, he's already in hot water with the eccentric captain of the liner when he rudely refuses a young boy's request for an autograph. The boy happens to be the captain's son, and this incident is the last straw, leading the captain to decide his ship would be better off without the cocky ace.

    Genre(s): Romance, Slice Of Life, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Jul 06, 2019

  • Yasashii Anata...

    Yasashii Anata...

    Harumoto, advisor to yakuza boss Taniguchi, is known for his street smarts and short temper. But he has a softer side, and when he meets Mizuta sensei in a nightclub, he begins to dream of romance with this classy intellectual who seems to be from another world.

    Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Jul 06, 2019

  • Face


    1-2) Face: Sakurada of the Tokyo metropolitan police is assigned to cover personal security for Prince Noora during the prince's trip to Japan. The prince takes his official duties seriously, but in his downtime all he cares about is cute boys and teasing his security personnel. And sometimes he acts extremely un-princelike, triggering disturbing suspicions for Sakurada. 3) Let's Keep it a Secret: A continuation of Face. 4-6) Not Love: When Tomobe Yoshihito's cousin commits suicide, the carefree writer takes in her young, bratty son who's obsessed with buying his mother a grave. Soon their clashing personalities drive the child away, but he returns ten years later, determined to recover the money his mother left behind by any means necessary. 7) All of Heaven and Hell, extra: A short update for Shirota and Himeno from All of Heaven and Hell.

    Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Jul 10, 2019

  • Koi to Keiji

    Koi to Keiji

    Police officer Tsuchida gets his face slapped by the delinquent Haruki while he is questioning him. Since that night, Tsuchida kept thinking about how cool and passionate Haruki looked.

    Genre(s): Romance, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Jul 07, 2019

  • Negai Kanae Tamae

    Negai Kanae Tamae

    Kinukawa Yuusuke is a second-class pianist who earns a living by playing in small clubs. Things become complicated when Fukami, a yakuza boss with mesmerizing looks, becomes a regular at Yuusuke's piano bar. As Fukami's appreciation for Yuusuke's piano playing grows, so do Yuusuke's feelings for him. Although Yuusuke knows he shouldn't be attracted to such a dangerous man, he finds himself unable to stop thinking about Fukami. And so, one night in a desperate attempt to get Fukami's attention on something other than music, Yuusuke spills a drink on him... Is love understanding someone even when he doesn't understand himself? Sometimes the music of the soul is sweeter than any instrument in Nishida Higashi's story of two very unlikely men. Also features a story called Boku wa Taisetsuna (My Precious One) in volume 2.

    Genre(s): Action, Drama, Psychological, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Sep 21, 6000

  • Kimi ga Boku no Subete

    Kimi ga Boku no Subete

    Volume 1: Hired by a busy married couple to do odd jobs at their home and office, Nabeshima sets his sights on stealing the wife away from her volatile husband. But soon his plans begin to change. Volume 2: Nabeshima continues to pursue Takeda-san, who remains unconvinced of his feelings. Especially since Nabeshima's ex-fiancée is back, and staying in his apartment.

    Genre(s): Drama, Psychological, Slice Of Life, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Jul 10, 2019

  • Nani mo iu na

    Nani mo iu na

    1. Don't Say Anything Both gay and both ambitious, Kozakura and Majima are coworkers who'll stop at nothing to close a deal. When they realize the president of a certain major corporation is also gay, they're determined to leverage their discovery. The only question is how far they'll go to outdo each other to land a big sale. 2. Nailed by the Director Director Ogura suspects Deputy Director Takeuchi of having an affair with his wife, and hatches a plan for revenge. Or does he!? 3. The Night I Didn’t Sleep with the Director With his 20-something online persona, 40-year-old salaryman Takeuchi is reluctant to meet offline with the man he's been developing feelings for over the internet. Backstory/prequel to Chapter 2. 4. Donyoku no Hana - Greedy Flower - (Also included in Joshi BL) My precious, beloved children… When two shady salesmen come knocking on her door, what’s reflected in old lady Tanaka-san's eyes is… Thinking her life is almost over, the feelings of another time are resurrected in Tanaka-san's heart. 5. Stimulating Fingers Jun-chan is new in town, and can’t get any action. When he hears a rapist has attacked a friend of his, he decides to lure the attacker himself, and maybe if he's good-looking... 6. First Kiss Yumino is a straight arrow police detective, and Yuri is a shady lawyer. They met in high school, and once again at the funeral for Yumino’s wife, Ao. Yuri was in love with Yumino in high school, but what we don’t suspect is how tangled the ties are between them. Another satisfying story about grown-up men. 7. Don't Say Anything, Afterword Kozakura and Majima have a deal to wrap up, but they need to talk. A short follow up to Chapter 1.

    Genre(s): Drama, Slice Of Life, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Jul 08, 2019

  • Yoru ga Owaru Made

    Yoru ga Owaru Made

    Public prosecutor Hiura's friend and colleague Kageyama has become the victim in one of his cases. It seems Kageyama was assaulted and dumped in a river, and the case is turning into a murder investigation. But if Kageyama is dead, where’s his body? Meanwhile Hiura is having strange and vivid dreams, and meets a man with an eerie resemblance to Kageyama.

    Genre(s): Mystery, Romance, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Jul 08, 2019

  • Tengoku mo Jigoku mo

    Tengoku mo Jigoku mo

    1-2. Tengoku mo Jigoku mo (All of Heaven and Hell) Himeno and Shirota have been friends since high school, even though their lives have gone in very different directions. They see each other occasionally, but both are wary of revealing secrets about themselves, so their conversations remain superficial. Until a pleading phone call at a crucial moment shows they both know more about each other than suspected. 3-4. Tengoku mo Jigoku mo -phase 2- (All of Heaven and Hell -phase 2-) The story of Himeno and Shirota continues. 5. Hanayome ni Yoroshiku (Please Greet the New Bride) At the wedding of his former lover, Tomoda makes a horrible gaff, revealing the groom's (former?) homosexuality to the father of the bride, Noritake-san. Noritake-san seems eager to split the new married couple up, and he is determined to get Tomoda to help him out.

    Genre(s): Action, Comedy, Drama, Yaoi

    Updated Time: Mar 06, 2020