From ShoujoHearts:

    On the same day her cheating ex-boyfriend gets married, Rie wins 1M yen in the lottery. She meets a cameraman, Yuu, at the ceremony and makes a desperate promise to "hire him as her husband". Fooling around, registering their marriage, creating an "employment contract"...where will it all lead?

    Genre(s): Comedy, Josei, Romance, Smut

    Updated Time: Nov 23, 2017

  • Otona no Koi wa Kojiraseru

    Otona no Koi wa Kojiraseru

    Yamamori Mari is the "Marilyn Monroe" of her company. Despite her provocative appearance that has given rise to rumors she's a man-eater, the young woman is actually timid and has nursed an unrequited love for one of her colleagues, Hirata. By chance, she ends with him as housemates and...

    Genre(s): Comedy, Romance

    Updated Time: Jul 05, 6000

  • Nisekare (Kari)

    Nisekare (Kari)

    (Petit Comic/Scarlett Fanusb)Bajo una lluvia de verano suave, un encuentro romántico no esperado. Pero ella estaba lista para eso? Esta es la historia de Nanami, que después de una noche de borrachera, se despierta en la misma cama con Sakuma, el compañero que odia. Luego recuerda una conversación con él: - " Se mi novia " - " pero no me amas, lo sé " - " eso ser� a un problema, pero yo no te odio, as� que está bien. "

    Genre(s): Romance

    Updated Time: Jul 05, 6000

  • Legal x Love

    Legal x Love

    From Mangaupdates: The story revolves around Kokoro Mimori, a woman who works in an office and has just discovered that she is suspected of being in an extramarital affair. The person who offers a helping hand to Kokoro is the kind and handsome lawyer Jin Uemiya. But, he has a dark side! However, Kokoro only has him to turn to...

    Genre(s): Romance, Slice Of Life

    Updated Time: Jun 29, 2020