• Magic Marriage/� �法婚约

    Magic Marriage/� �法婚约

    According to the tradition , Witches are supposed to be wed to demons to be wives; the more magical power contain by the witches, the higher they are sought after, for the pursuit by the demon races for prestige, power ,bloodline and fame. A 16 year old , Sunya Velladonna decided to break this forced marriage herself, pushed on her by the demon world, she decided to escape to human realm, only to end up as a runaway bride. While in the human realm, she encountered a recently divorced young doctor, Othder Hurvenss. In order not to be caught and sent back to demon realm, Sunya took the opportunity to make a magic marriage contract with Dr Othder while he was sleeping. One of them is an escapee from a forced marriage , while the latter is one who fell out of love, disillusioned doctor, both of them facing marital difficulties and coincidentally met each other, what will happened to this pair of relationship and what development will occur?

    Genre(s): Drama, Supernatural

    Updated Time: Aug 25, 2019