• Sealed Lips

    Sealed Lips

    She was exploited, mistreated by her stepmother and stepsister. They were scum, insane, crazy. She became a tool for her sister's success. After dying from a painful death, she was reborn. In her previous life, she had a fiancee that she admired and loved for a long time, but he was cold and felt disgust toward her, which brought her pain and made her hopeless. But now, facing him again, she said while smiling: « Let break off the engagement, I don’t want this marriage anymore! » However this man wants to stay in a relationship with her— « Shang Zhen, you were already my person the day you were born. You want to break up? That’s too late »

    Genre(s): Drama, Romance

    Updated Time: Nov 25, 2020

  • The Regent King is Too Ferocious

    The Regent King is Too Ferocious

    I died of a young age in my previous life, but unknowingly I went back in time to the past where dynasties still existed. However, this was not even a blessing. The me from that life died, killed by her own husband, the emperor. And now, I am reborn into a little girl, who is the sister of the emperor?!

    Genre(s): Historical, Isekai, Romance

    Updated Time: May 15, 2021

  • Raising The Enemy Only Brings Trouble

    Raising The Enemy Only Brings Trouble

    Ye Mu transmigrated into a book as a tragic cannon fodder, who was supposed to support the female lead. But having no time for games, she decided to kill the male lead and let the world collapse so that she could escape! One look at the scrawny little boy in front of her and she couldn‘t do it anymore...what should she do? Raise the male lead up and let him help her? The idea is great! But as she raised him the male seemed to have grown devious! Ye Mu was tearful. Where did her upright protector go to? Could she restart again?

    Genre(s): Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

    Updated Time: Jun 21, 2021