• Can I Touch Your Inside Deeply?

    Can I Touch Your Inside Deeply?

    Natsume is a hard working and serious office worker. Yuuki is almost his polar opposite, and someone that he never expected to get along with. But Yuuki’s kindness wins him over, and he falls in love with his carefree coworker. But what will happen when Yuuki discovers Natsume is in love with him...?


    Updated Time: Sep 09, 2019

  • My Saucy Boyfriend

    My Saucy Boyfriend

    Kashiwagi plans on asking his girlfriend to marry him. When he catches her cheating on him with another man he's left in shock. Despairing over his misfortune, he gets drunk at the small pub he frequents only to wake up naked and in bed with the owner's nephew, Izumi, who's only eighteen!?

    Genre(s): Comedy, Romance

    Updated Time: Sep 09, 2019