From Batoto:

    The world is in an uproar over the discovery of a stone tablet thought to have been created 500 years ago.
    The stone contains predictions of major incidents that happened worldwide in the last 500 years. All of its prophecies had already come true. There is only one prophecy recorded on the stone that pertains to the future ahead: that the world will end in a year?s time, and only those who believe in the god drawn on the stone will find salvation.
    The name of this god is... Myum-Myum.

    Original webtoon (Korean webcomic)

    Chapter 8 (of 35) of '2012 지구가 멸망한다면?' - a collection of oneshot webcomics related to supposed the end of the world in 2012.

    Genre(s): Drama, Mystery, One Shot, Psychological, Seinen, Slice Of Life, Webtoons

    Updated Time: Oct 21, 2016



    From The Company:
    A girl with a god's name, Kubera. The god who's prophesied to bring great change into the world.
    The story begins with Kubera in a remote mountain village with her family. Her life soon turns upside down as she witnesses the fiery end to her town and everyone she knows. Accompanied by a magician of riddles, watch as the world trembles at the war against the gods.

    Webtoon from Naver

    Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Shounen, Webtoons

    Updated Time: Mar 26, 2023

  • KubeRag Arena

    KubeRag Arena

    This webtoon is a brand webtoon of Ragnarok Arena. Ran and Maruna have fallen into the world of Ragnarok Arena! Their special monster collection begins! From BaboKimScans: This is a spin-off of \"One Last God Kubera\" by the same author. KubeRag Arena is a promotion for the mobile game \"Ragnarok Arena\" that recently released in Korea. Two of the original story\'s characters find themselves on a strange planet amidst their travels. They are given the mission to calm berserking Monsters to find a way back to their original world.

    Genre(s): Monsters, Long strip, Video games, Isekai, Fantasy, Web comic, Full color

    Updated Time: Dec 22, 2022