Genre(s): Fantasy, One Shot, Shoujo

    Updated Time: Oct 25, 2016

  • Roses - The Firebird

    Roses - The Firebird

    A seinen manga short story published in Big Gold magazine in 1979


    Updated Time: Jan 23, 2019

  • White Troika

    White Troika

    1782: Anna and Lef Fyodor defied the current tsar by siding with the peasants, and paid with their lives. Before they did, they entrusted their only daughter, Rosalinda, to a farmer couple. The only thing left connecting Rosalinda to her past is one amulet: \"To my beloved Anna, Lef Fyodor.\" 12 years later, Rosalinda - given the name Rota by her foster parents - has a deep, fervent love for singing. A chance encounter during an errand has her cross pass with Adrian, a young Cossack. Adrian and Rosalinda get along well, and he even teaches her to read! However, this is the start of the unfolding drama surrounding the instability of their homeland - and Rosalinda\'s past being revealed to her, all while she aspires to become a great singer. A thrilling tale of drama, mystery, and romance set in 18th-19th century Russia from the great Hideko Mizuno! (*[Fire!](https://mangadex.org/title/d15267de-2481-4a74-bb3c-7b7504f245d9/fire)*, *Honey Honey\'s Wonderful Adventures*)

    Genre(s): Thriller, Historical, Psychological, Romance, Comedy, Survival, Military, Philosophical, Drama, Police, Slice Of Life, Music, Tragedy

    Updated Time: Oct 17, 2022

  • Maria of Granada

    Maria of Granada

    (from ebookjapan): Eva Shul, a former actress who spends her days in debauchery and drinking, is parted from her daughter Julie when she comes to tell her of her marriage. After that, Eva continues to drink and play with young men, and is suddenly taken into a car by a group of men she doesn\'t know. One of the men, Arthur, a film director, asks Eva to play the Virgin Mary in a movie about the life of Christ. In addition to the title story, also includes the following oneshots: - **Sound of Bamboo** (竹の音, Take no Oto) - **Ballerina** (バレリーナ, exclusive to the digital edition/original release) - **Edelweiss** (エーデルワイス, excluded from digital edition but available in other releases)

    Genre(s): Reincarnation, Historical, Psychological, Animals, Romance, Comedy, Anthology, Survival, Adventure, Office workers, Philosophical, Drama, Delinquents, Slice Of Life, Mystery, Tragedy

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