Nakano-san is a high school girl who can look into people's minds. Because of that, she finds out that the mind of the popular Toda-kun is full of wild fantasies about her!

    Genre(s): Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School Life, Shounen

    Updated Time: Jan 23, 2019

  • My Alien Days

    My Alien Days

    Manabu is a 3rd year middle schooler & former student council president. Suddenly he's in charge of a new student Ruri but she is no ordinary girl - she's an alien! Manabu loses the chance to be with his crush Mizuho who now has a thing for Ruri & gets nose bleeds from her cuteness. The teacher is of no help, her focus & nose bleeds are on Ruri's hot cousin who is also an alien!

    Genre(s): 4-Koma, Comedy, Romance, School Life, Sci-fi, Slice Of Life, Yaoi, Yuri

    Updated Time: Mar 17, 2019