• Young Master Gu’S Model Bride

    Young Master Gu’S Model Bride

    Accused of seducing cruel tycoon Gu Moyan and using him to gain fame, third-rate model Su Nian’an was warned never to show her face before Gu Moyan again. Despite the injustice behind the accusation, Su Nian’an was determined to avoid Gu Moyan at all cost. The Universe, however, had other ideas. By some cruel twist of fate, Su Nian’an ran into the tycoon at a dinner party. What would become of Su Nian’an? Would she face the dire consequences of a crime she’d never even committed? Or would she be able to thaw the cold heart of Gu Moyan and change her life forever? Read on to find out!

    Genre(s): Romance, Webtoons

    Updated Time: May 24, 2021

  • Boss Lu’S Cute Newly-Wed

    Boss Lu’S Cute Newly-Wed

    Su Jian’an, a forensic pathologist, entered a marriage that she knew would only last two years. She put no hope in this nominal union and never expected her husband-to-be, Lu Boyan, to love her, although she herself had developed a secret infatuation with him a long time ago when she was only a little girl. Lu Boyan, a present business tycoon and her childhood playmate, was rumored to date the actress, Han Ruoxi, while she could have a second chance with her forensic pathologist colleague, Jiang Shaokai. However, she was wrong, totally wrong. After her marriage life began, Su Jian’an slowly uncovered a huge secret, a secret that Lu Boyan had been keeping simply to better protect her… a secret that involved a gangster called Kang Ruicheng, who she finally met in an amusement park restaurant…

    Genre(s): Josei, Romance

    Updated Time: Jun 09, 2021