• The Girl and the Beast

    The Girl and the Beast

    Her peaceful life that was different from her previous life was cut short. Astina was sold to Grand Duke Theodore due to her father’s bankruptcy, however, Grand Duke Theodore lived in the form of a beast... “He got hit and fainted. It’s not a serious injury so he’ll quickly regain consciousness.” “He… fainted?” Contrary to everyone’s expectation of her dying in one night, she began to tame the monster Theodore with her fancy swordwork, and tame it as a pet. “Theo, sit.” “Woof!” But one night after telling Theodore how talented he is, she kissed him for just a second... “...Theo?” Astina’s wild beast... became human? A full-fledged romance between the deficient monster husband and the thoughtless wife! Español / Spanish SpoilerCien años después de la muerte de la legendaria figura Martina, la madre del imperio, Martina renace como Astina, una noble. Vida pasada y otras rutinas pacíficas, en un momento, Theodore fue vendido a Astina en forma de bestia...... A diferencia de la expectativa de todos de morir aquella noche, ella comienza a domar al monstruo Theodore y lo domestica como su mascota. "Theo, siéntate". "Wof!" Pero una noche lo besó por un corto tiempo... "......¿Theo?" La mascota de Astina...... Era una persona ¡Un auténtico romance de entrenamiento de un pobre esposo monstruo y una esposa arrogante!

    Genre(s): Fantasy, Isekai, Romance

    Updated Time: Jun 29, 2020