• Schemes of a Beauty

    Schemes of a Beauty

    It's a story about snatching and bully. Her aunt brought a daughter to seek shelter in her family, but it turned out her cousin sister shared the same father with her and even snatched her lover. It's a story about rebirth and revenge. After rebirth with her previous memory, she intended to take revenge on every one who hurt her in the last life.

    Genre(s): Historical, Romance, Webtoon

    Updated Time: Dec 30, 2019

  • Cute Ogre

    Cute Ogre

    It is agreed she will become moon goddess after rebirth. How come she became Taotie the gourmand? Dying of fatness in her previous life, what should she do since she has never eaten her fill this life? Gods she had met are less and less reliable. God of Food, the slim one, says he has never been fat all day long. Er-Lang, the god in red, is quite coquettish. Actually I do need a reliable god, okay?

    Genre(s): Comedy, Fantasy, Webtoon

    Updated Time: Oct 16, 2019

  • Cute Ogre S2

    Cute Ogre S2

    A Taotie? What happened to the goddess of the moon in the afterlife? Died of obesity in the last life, what is she supposed to do with this hungry body in this life? The skinny god of delicacy complains all day about how hard gaining weight is. The god of law and justice in his fancy red robe is a fashion icon. And the god of love is a big fan of gay love stories. Come on, can I just have one serious fairy?

    Genre(s): Comedy, Fantasy, Webtoon

    Updated Time: Dec 15, 2019

  • Too Young To Be Yours

    Too Young To Be Yours

    An arranged marriage binds the college girl Qingyuan and Ming Jue, the director of a prominent family business together. Their marriage life sparks the jealousy of many, especially the brother of Qingyuan's best friend and Ming Jue's childhood friend. Although the ill intentions of the family almost cost Ming Jue's life, the temporary memory loss made him less overbearing than he used to be.

    Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Webtoon

    Updated Time: Mar 18, 2020

  • Hey, Don't Touch My Cheese

    Hey, Don't Touch My Cheese

    Xie SiZhe was once everything for Bai Xi, she could do anything for him. However, his betrayal ruined her whole family… Time-traveling to the past, how can she rewrite her life and take revenge? And is the little fatty who always pays for her silently her true love?

    Genre(s): Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Tragedy, Webtoon

    Updated Time: Apr 05, 2020

  • Sweety Curing Blood

    Sweety Curing Blood

    What the hell is falling down in campus? A stranger handsome guy! He even forced me to raise him?! He also said that my blood and saliva can heal wounds, especially by kissing!

    Genre(s): Fantasy, Romance, Webtoon

    Updated Time: Dec 23, 2019

  • I'm Pretty and You’re Handsome

    I'm Pretty and You’re Handsome

    On the eve of her wedding day, Lin Xiaoya is ambushed and abducted by a handsome stranger while jogging alone by a dark grove. As an illegitimate daughter, she has been arranged by the Lin family to marry the wealthy heir Li Sicheng, but the handsome stranger somehow reveals to her that Li Sicheng is actually a homosexual. Li Xiaoya boldly breaks off the marriage, but in order to save her childhood mate Lin Jiujiu, Lin Xiaoya still decides to obey the order from the handsome stranger...

    Genre(s): Romance, Webtoon

    Updated Time: Mar 13, 2020

  • Concubine of Wealth

    Concubine of Wealth

    A sheet of contract and a ransom of ten million changed her into a close maid to an evil-like billionaire. Although once a rich young lady, she was made a puppet nowadays. He tried his best to torture her only for her to give birth to a boy to revenge against her family? In an attempt to flee away from him, she learnt how to seduce men and contribute her body, swearing to identify who was manipulating her life.

    Genre(s): Romance, Josei

    Updated Time: Jan 26, 6000